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“In a post covid world therapist are impossible to find let alone finding one to take Medicaid. We were turned down many times after calling dozens of therapists trying to get appointments because they were booked solid. Having someone like Joe from Love for St. Louis is a huge blessing. Joe was able to work with his network of therapist to get them seen by someone in our area and without any headaches. He handled it all and called with an appointment time. I highly recommend his services to anyone who needs help finding a therapist in STL”

“I can’t tell you how excited I am to have Love For St. Louis in our area. As a high school teacher, I work with so many students who wouldn’t be able to afford counseling for their anxiety, depression, fear issues, etc. Many students live silently because they do not get the support at home. Some are in the foster system and get left behind. Thank you Joe Grayson for working so diligently with our Gateway Gathering Church to help provide counseling for a member of our community. We are thankful to see the healing that takes place within her heart. Blessings!”

“This is an incredible agency that Open Arms Wellness has partnered with to provide mental health counseling for all. We are so happy that an organization of this nature exists and it has helped countless clients receive essential mental health counseling that would not have otherwise been able to do so. I highly recommend them!”

“Thank you for reaching back out to me so quickly. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Joe and he was friendly and a good listener! He made me feel confident that this company would get me to the resources that my family needs. Thank you again!”

“This organization is amazing. I sent a request for one of my students and received a phone call within the hour to set up services. This student has been waiting for weeks to receive counseling but so many organizations have long waitlists that make immediate assistance challenging. Love for St. Louis makes the entire process seamless for the family, handling payment, insurance, and logistics.”

“Love for St. Louis is amazing! Joe cares for STL and is working hard to help those who need it!! Joe is easy to work with and so glad I have met him and his organization!!”

“Love for St. Louis is a great non profit! Easy to work with, they are so genuinely trying to make St. Louis a better place. I couldn’t love them more!”

“I have volunteered for Love for Saint Louis for a little while now and it is the most amazing charity I have ever volunteered for. This charity works hard to make sure children have free and accessible counseling.”

“So nice to get a response over the weekend when we could not get in touch with any other resources. Moving forward with a little hope today. Thank you.”

“I appreciate the fast response of loveforstl for getting me connected to a therapist who was very accommodating and happy to help.”

“Very fast response time no games no judgement”

“Love For St. Louis is such a great organization. They truly care about helping others. I’ve seen them participate in food drives and pet supply drives to help other charities in St. Louis. The fact that they invest in mental health and especially with children is unlike any other organization I have yet to see.”