Ivette Kincade Executive Assistant  

As a Board member of Love For Louis, Ivette Kincade brings a truly dynamic and international perspective to the table. Ivette’s passion to help others be at their best is a direct reflection of her rich life experiences as she immigrated to the United States from Nicaragua at the age of 16. Since moving to the United States, Ivette has graduated from the University of Missouri Saint Louis with a Bachelors of Art in Biology; however, the diversity of her work includes having worked in both the Dental and sales fields. In addition, she often volunteers with children and senior citizens. These experiences have only further sparked Ivette’s passion to help those that may feel that there is nowhere to go when dealing with not only the economic repercussions of the COVID 19 pandemic, but everyday stress as well. When speaking to Ivette she feels that today the urgency is higher than ever to help those in need have equal access to resources that so many take for granted. As Ivette explains it “Mental health is recognized here [United States], but there is still a great deal of support needed to help the youth of the Greater St.Louis Area have access to counseling…In Nicaragua, mental health is not taken seriously and it’s a shame to see this tend grow in St. Louis due to a lack of affordability.” Ivette Kincade believes that it is our responsibility to help mend this gap and further that Love for St. Louis can help make that difference. Ivette’s personal values and dedication to help others strongly represent the values here at Love for St. Louis, so it is an honor to have her as a member of our Board as we embark on this journey together to mend the gap.